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We have experience on significant projects across multiple market sectors, indicative of our collective desire to offer value through unique and innovative project-specific solutions over sector-based opportunities. We believe that broad experience not only transfers across market sectors and project types, but that it drives innovation.

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Boston Engagement Center

Crocker Elementary School

New Bedford Regional Airport Terminal

645 Summer Street Modernization

Hanscom Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility

Northeastern University 177 Huntington Avenue

Pilgrim Comprehensive Model High School

Warwick Public High Schools Master Plan

Gale Associates Office Renovation

908 Devices, Inc.

Pawtucket Public Library Restoration

Davis and Furber Historic Mill Complex

Northeastern University Residential Safety Office Renovation

Northeastern University Customer Service Facilities Office

WEX, Inc. Long Creek

WEX, Inc. 123 Darling

WEX, Inc. 75 Darling

Diocese of Worcester Catholic High Schools

Boston Athletic Club Environmental Graphics

Hanscom Air Force Base Building 1108

R&D Facility

645 Summer Street Signage

Reserved Channel Interpretive Signage

Boston Harbor Industrial Park Signage

UMass Amherst Integrative Learning Center

Central Connecticut State University Social Sciences Hall

Federal Office Building

Roger E. Wellington Elementary School

Harvard Biochemistry Research Lab

Harvard Teaching Labs

Newport Art Museum Restoration

Ashland Public Library Restoration

Auburn Public Library Addition and Renovation