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Crocker Elementary School

Saam was selected by the City of Fitchburg and the MSBA to design the new Crocker Elementary School. The new 116,000-gross-square-foot school houses grades one through five, with an estimated 845 students.

The design team has developed a two-story new building design that meets all of the educational delivery objectives, special requirements and is within an established budget. Saam’s approach focuses on providing an equitable design that supports the academic and emotional needs of the students. Biophilic design principles will also be incorporated to provide building occupants with a strong connection to nature.

As part of the design process, Saam has been working closely with educational consultant Frank Locker, who facilitated a two-day education visioning workshop with Fitchburg teachers, administrators, and the local community. Saam team members have been working with the District to translate aspirations identified during the visioning into initial site and grade configuration specific design options and helped develop the educational program and space summary.

  • Location:

    Fitchburg, MA

  • Completion:


  • Size:

    116,000 sf