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Warwick Public High Schools Master Plan

Saam collaborated with Frank Locker Educational Planner on a comprehensive master education and facilities plan to be utilized by the Warwick Public Schools for implementation of educational delivery at the high school level.

Options explored included:

  • Building one single new comprehensive high school in the city of Warwick
  • Rehabilitating both existing high schools in the city of Warwick
  • Building one new high school and rehabilitating the other existing high school in the city of Warwick so as to maintain parity between the two high schools

The final plan addressed short and long term district planning, both educationally and with regard to facilities, and provided the school committee with information ranking the priorities and consideration of future facility investments and improvements in each of the plans proposed.

Appropriate solutions for the district included research-based knowledge of best models for achieving educational goals and outcomes, master planning in facilities assessment, space planning, potential analysis/conceptual design, preliminary cost estimating, and cost/benefit analysis for options including but not limited to construction/ new site acquisition, remodeling, change in use, and/or maximizing effective use of all facilities.



Visioning diagram courtesy of Frank Locker Educational Programming

  • Location:

    Warwick, RI

  • Completion: