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Hanscom Air Force Base Building 1108

Building 1108 was constructed in 1952 as part of a complex of buildings that was designed to serve the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory (AFRCL) at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA. This federally funded Design-Build project consisted of a comprehensive rehabilitation to the three-story building, which houses the Defense Contracting Management Agency (Defense Contract Management Agency).

Saam designed the modernization of this facility to take into account the project requirements, existing facility conditions, and project constraints to provide the best possible operational, energy conserving, and cost-effective facility. Functional areas within the building include administrative office areas, classrooms, conference rooms, mail/office supply, team rooms, business centers, nursing rooms, telephone rooms, law library, break rooms, and support spaces.

The design process expanded upon a previous space planning study with analysis of programming, cubicle layout, maximization of natural light, and increased collaboration opportunities. The project adheres to Department of Defense sustainability and incorporated Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) code compliance.


Versar, Inc. / Construction Manager
H.V. Collins Company / General Contractor
Architectural Engineers, Inc. / MEP/FP Engineer
Thornton Tomasetti / Structural/Anti-terrorism Force Protection Engineer
AKF / Code Consultant

  • Location:

    Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, MA

  • Completion:


  • Size:

    77,000 sf