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Northeastern University Residential Safety Office Renovation

Northeastern’s Residential Safety Office is located in Speare Hall and monitors video and Husky card access to dormitories across campus while also managing assignments of dormitory proctors. The desk was renovated to improve interaction with the first floor lobby of Speare, where proctors assemble to receive assignments.

Saam studied the existing conditions and provided design options that allowed RSO staff to better monitor campus dorm access, as well as communicate more clearly with proctor staff. The new design couples the lobby-facing RSO desk functions and Speare West proctor station while creating a more private suite of offices.

In addition to upgrading the desk configuration, the project also reroutes the ramp from the lobby into Speare West, which currently takes students through RSO office space. The reconfigured ramp improves circulation into the dormitory and is built adjacent to the new desk, unifying the space and improving security.


Photos © Christian Phillips Photography

  • Location:

    Boston, MA

  • Completion:


  • Size:

    700 sf