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Warwick Comprehensive Model High Schools

In collaboration with Frank Locker Educational Planning and the City of Warwick School District, Saam developed a comprehensive master education and facilities plan that informed the development of a Comprehensive Model High School to be constructed at two locations. As part of the 21st century learning model, large common spaces, such as the Dining and Learning Commons, are designed to be multifunctional spaces. These spaces are meant to connect different activities visually and physically, reducing circulation and achieving a low grossing factor. The Comprehensive Model High School model is designed to unify students, create extended learning areas, and display diverse activities occurring in and around the building on multiple levels. As part of the Visioning Session, the desire to organize classroom spaces within small non-departmentalized learning communities resulted in a design approach that maximizes diversity and exposure to different types of learning by integrating vocational, health, art, and music with special education and core academic classes. By customizing ideal small learning community layouts, both shared and individual learning spaces are fostered.

Administrative spaces will be decentralized and located throughout the facility for easier access and improved observation of communal spaces by staff. Efficiency of building layout and circulation is maximized on each individual site: relationships between interior building programming relates to the exterior programming, while interior circulation doubles as flexible academic spaces. The standardized approach to design of the Comprehensive Model High School’s new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, accessibility, code compliance, energy efficiency, and high security systems maximizes maintenance and efficiency throughout each building’s life cycle.

Pilgrim High School serves 1,150 students and seats 710 in the auditorium and 1,300 in the gymnasium.

Saam is serving as the design architect on the project.

  • Location:

    Warwick, RI

  • Completion:


  • Size:

    260,000 sf