UMass Amherst Integrative Learning Center

A new anchor for the campus provides 2000 seats of additional classroom space.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
150,000 sf
Project Team
Koos Louw Principal in Charge
Diana Nicklaus Principal in Charge (Construction), CM at Risk selection committee member
Diana Ostberg Project Architect, BIM Lead
Roslyn Child Staff Architect
Linda Smiley Programming

The transformative nature of the Integrative Learning Center (ILC) can hardly be overstated. The combined impact of this program and the project’s development enhances opportunities for learning, student life, department missions, movement through the central campus, and the identity of the Institution itself.

Students and faculty gained an instructional center with classroom types and sizes not previously available on campus. Formal classrooms range from traditional (mid-size) lecture spaces to state-of-the-art interactive team-based learning environments. Providing classroom types and spaces within the building that stimulate collaboration and the exchange of ideas has been a focal point of discussion and planning. A culture of collaborative learners and the connectivity to information has fueled student expectations that learning will follow a continuous flow in and outside of the classroom.