645 Summer Street Signage

Interior and exterior signage for a modernization project along the Reserved Channel

Boston, MA
Project Team
Kate Dickinson, Graphic Designer

Saam Architecture is responsible for the revitalization of 645 Summer Street on the Boston waterfront. The building underwent a complete envelope renewal and a core-and-shell upgrade with smart amenities, waterfront views, and a harborside pedestrian promenade along the Reserved Channel.

As a component of the modernization project, large exterior signage was designed for the front of the building. The new sign sits atop a concrete wall to the side of the entry stairs and can easily be seen from the street. The high contrast structure is constructed from black metal and features a custom white logomark that is illuminated from within.

Additionally, a cohesive interior signage package was created to match the building’s updated aesthetic and adheres to ADA standards.