Reserved Channel Interpretive Signage

A series of educational signs about the Reserved Channel and its surrounding area

Boston, MA
Project Team
Kate Dickinson, Graphic Designer

The Reserved Channel interpretive signage concept aims to educate viewers about the history and uses of the Reserved Channel and the surrounding area. The series consists of three signs placed at intervals along the Reserved Channel harborwalk on Pappas Way in South Boston.

Each sign is composed of weathered, rusted metal and features punched-out stamp title lettering that references South Boston’s industrial maritime character. The layout of the upper half of the signs is cut out in a grid pattern that mimics historical street maps of the area, and is filled alternately with aluminum etched text and images or aqua-blue transparent panes. These cut out portions allow the viewer to see through the sign and help it blend more seamlessly into its surroundings. Surface applied aluminum lettering detail mirrors other signage in the area for a cohesive aesthetic.

The first sign covers the Boston Design Center and its development and usage throughout history and today. It is placed at the northern corner of the channel with a direct line of sight to the building. The second sign examines the Reserved Channel Bridge, and is placed midway along the harborwalk where the bridge can be clearly seen across the channel. The third sign encompasses the history of the Reserved Channel itself, and features an extensive timeline outlining its development. All three signs display historical photos pertinent to their subject matter.