New Bedford Regional Airport Terminal Building Assessment

A feasibility study to explore upgrade options for an aging regional airport terminal

New Bedford, MA
12,400 sf existing terminal
Project Team
Diana Nicklaus, Principal-in-Charge
Katie Kernizan, Designer
Linda Smiley, QAQC

The New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) is a Primary Service Airport, composed of runways, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons, hangars, maintenance facilities, and a terminal building. Saam completed a MADOT-funded Terminal Building Assessment in conjunction with Airport Solutions Group, who finalized the Airport
Master Plan update in 2013. Saam evaluated the existing terminal conditions in parallel with the long term needs of a commercial passenger airport.

The results will aid in the determination of the best strategy moving forward—whether the existing terminal building be rehabilitated, reconstructed in place, or be totally replaced with a new structure. The study included structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), compliance with building and accessibility codes, and architectural elements to determine the current condition and remaining life expectancy of the existing building’s major components.