Harvard Teaching Labs

An innovative physical environment for undergraduate learning in science and engineering

Cambridge, MA
20,000 sf
Design Team (At Burt Hill)
Koos Louw, Principal-in-Charge
Diana Nicklaus, Project Manager
Diana Ostberg, Architect

Members of the Saam team assisted Harvard in fitting out 81,000 square feet of lab space. The first of these projects—the Teaching Labs—included biology and chemistry teaching labs for undergraduates. Project scope included assessment of all existing teaching labs in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which shaped the vision for the new labs.

The project’s vision included development of a new prototype for ultimate flexibility in teaching labs, creation of space that encouraged faculty to student collaboration, an emphasis on activity-based learning, and space that addressed current and emerging teaching standards. A custom bench was designed to interface with accessible floor trenches where services could be accessed in numerous learning layouts.