908 Devices

Saam provided architectural and interior design services for 908 Devices in South Boston

Boston, MA
Project Team
Diana Ostberg, Principal-in-Charge
Autumn Thompson, Interior Designer

Saam Architecture provided architectural and interior design services for 908 Devices, Inc., a company that develops purpose-built and user-centric devices to serve a range of industries including safety and security, oil, and gas. The new headquarters is located along the Reserved Channel at 645 Summer Street.

908 Devices wanted to prioritize customer experience so the space is designed in a way that showcases their entire manufacturing process. Workspaces have a distinct industrial feel with open ceilings and structural elements exposed, and transom windows are used to maximize light throughout the building. The open workspace includes a range of laboratory and manufacturing rooms, including R&D open labs, a controlled access lab, reliability labs, a machine shop, and a product demo room.

Targeting LEED certification