sustainability does not cost, it pays

The majority of our projects have achieved LEED certification including Gold level. We are familiar with the LEED process from concept through to final certification. We incorporate sustainable practices throughout the design process as a rule. We interpret the guidelines and where sensible, practical and economical, integrate it with our own sustainable ideas to deliver to our clients projects that are truly user friendly, energy efficient and sustainable.

Saam’s approach to sustainability is an inherent part of the business model. With an attrition rate of less than 6%, our first commitment is to the sustainability of our team. By offering flexible and remote work schedules, as well as unlimited vacation, our team sustains a strong work life balance while providing a high level of client service. In addition, we have documented that this model allows us to reduce our collective greenhouse gas emissions by over 40% when compared to a standard 9-5 office-based approach.

The graph below illustrates each team member’s carbon footprint in regards to commuting. Determining factors include number of days commuting, mode of transportation, distance traveled, and time of day.


With these sustainable strategies, our office is able to reduce our commute carbon footprint by 44% per year.


These strategies also mean our workforce is more efficient, has more time to be productive, and spends less time on the road.