300 Minuteman R&D Facility

Saam developed a design concept for an R&D and light manufacturing facility in Minuteman Park

Project Team
Koos Louw, Principal-in-Charge
Linda Smiley, Project Manager
Design team: Jana van Wijk / Chin Chin Yao

Saam Architecture was engaged to develop a concept design to test the regional market demand for a Research and Development (R&D) and Light Manufacturing space.

Saam is creating a concept design for a single-story high bay building on the last available development site in Minuteman Park. The building is composed of three interlocking masses with south sloping roofs and north facing clerestory glazing to allow natural light to penetrate the high bay spaces. This geometry also runs along the east and west fa├žades as an additional means of capturing natural light throughout the building, and floor-to-ceiling glass at the end of corridors maintains a connection with the exterior landscape.

The design considers flexible multi-tenant leasing options with potential for phased construction and possible future expansion. The high bay space can accommodate mezzanine floors and the design aesthetics respect the overall character of the park.